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  • Employment Litigation


“Jose is very bright, effective and an excellent provider of legal service and skill for myself and the clients I have referred. He is creative, detail-oriented, and has consistently produced excellent results. I am privileged to call him a colleague and a friend.”

“I was lucky to have Jose on my side. He clearly explained the law and my rights in a manner that I could understand and use. When I finally made some critical decisions, I was quite comfortable with them. Before engaging Jose, I wasn’t sure what happened or what to do next.”

“Jose is a very capable, well-rounded attorney with solid experience in start-up environments and transactional matters. He does great work with SaaS agreements and the variety of issues that arise in a cloud-computing environment. Jose is very easy to work with, friendly and highly professional.”

“Jose was an attorney at my law firm for two years. Jose is a sharp, versatile attorney with great litigation skills. Jose’s background in both technology start-ups and litigation and his innate intuition provide him with unique and creative problem solving skills. Jose has tremendous initiative is easy to get along with and trustworthy.”